ABOUT USBella Muzica

It sounds like a whole story, forgotten, parade in all senses. Centuries of stories, thousands thoughts, hundred of memories, Invaded all together.

Se spune că demult, aici, cavaleri şi domniţe se desfătau cu bucate alese si vinuri aromate, in acorduri fine. Se spune chiar că priceputul bucătar combina, imbina, si inventa noi bucate de simţuri imbătătoare.

Tradiţia locului răzbate până azi, izul medieval şi povestea se simt, se gustă şi degustă.


About the Restaurant

Bella Muzica Restaurant

The building wich hosts the restaurant is listed as a historical monument, and belongs to the group of buildings with commercial and handicraft functions that surrounds the ancient Council Square.

The building that dates back to the beginning of the XVI th century illustrates through its division and structure the medieval type of building from the time it belongs with stone and brick arches, woodwork windows and niches.

The restaurant function was restored after an interruption of two centuries, trying to maintain the atmosphere of those times by using basic materials: stone, brick,wood, and metal.

The restaurant is well known for specific Mexican, Hungarian, and traditional dishes.